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Sunday, May 20, 2007

IT Consultants: Where Are Your Best Clients for Moonlighting

IT consultants that want to moonlighting to bring themselves closer to a full-time consulting gig should not try to get anything but steady clients. If you involve yourself with one-shot deals, you can’t establish the consistency and continuity that will eventually be needed to sustain a full-time, successful firm of IT consultants. You need to get clients willing to make commitments.

IT Consultants: Select Your Clients Well

Think before you accept one-shot deals. You need to focus on small businesses with complex IT needs. They should be clients that will need you a couple evenings per month or one or two Saturdays per month. They should also have enough IT work for you to work offsite in between these times.

IT Consultants Moonlighting Should Watch Their Schedule

IT consultants thinking about moonlighting need to have a schedule that allows for it. If you are already working 80 hours in a week, you are not going to have time. Most IT consultants moonlighting have nine-to-five jobs that allow them a morning or afternoon off or a long lunch from time-to-time.

IT Consultants: What Jobs Should You Seek?

The best situation for moonlighting as IT consultants is $1,000 per month clients that will need one-to-two evenings monthly or one or two Saturdays or Sundays with light phone support in between. Your minimum requirement for a moonlighting client should be businesses that will need at least $500 per month of services.

IT Consultants and Moonlighting

If you don’t want to give up your nights and weekends, you probably don’t want to moonlight. IT consultants thinking about moonlighting need to be committed with committed clients.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg