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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

As IT Consultants, Stress the Importance of Small Business PC Hardware

IT consultants know that the early- to mid-90’s saw PC vendors creating two or three different product levels in order to cater to the different needs of customers.

IT Consultants Can Choose Different Component Levels

Top PC vendors, including HP, Dell, Gateway and IBM started making PC products more relevant to the different needs of IT consultants and their clients as desktop PCs became more popular.

Hardware Options

Enterprise customers, including Fortune 1000 network managers and others previously had to pay high prices for products that were reliable and easy-to-use along with sophisticated enough to handle diverse business needs.

On the flip side, IT consultants noted that home users could only be tempted by low prices and products that would give them great gaming, digital photography options and other Internet hobbies.

On the other hand, small business users needed an in-between option that was not too bare but also not too loaded and would fall into the mid-price range.

IT Consultants Compare Product Features

PC vendors have made figuring out products easier for IT consultants and their clients. PC vendor websites now have separate Web pages for each of their products to make sure no mistakes are made when choosing the model that’s best for customers.

IT Consultants and White Box Computer Sales

Many small businesses globally are purchasing white box and clone PCs from computer resellers, integrators and others. As IT consultants, you should visit major PC vendor websites frequently to see how you can best fulfill the needs of clients with the latest products.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg