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Saturday, June 09, 2007

For the Best IT Support, Wear Multiple Hats

When you first start your IT support business, you will be wearing all the hats, including the sales hats, technical hats and the administrative hats. You will be doing all the work until you have established your company enough so you can delegate some responsibilities to salespeople or technical people.

Why is Wearing So Many Hats Important During Start-Up?

If you are neither skilled at sales techniques, nor skilled at technical aspects of IT support, you are already behind. Your competitors will all be wearing all these hats, most particularly during startup.

Your IT support firm will typically be competing for sweet spot clients against one-person consultants working from home with little or no overhead. These people are typically great technically, but are also highly skilled at sales.

When Should You Pass Out Hats?

You could have a good technical person during startup and keep that person very busy, along with a good a good full-time salesperson. However, usually your IT support business will take time to develop. As the owner, you will start as the salesperson AND the technical person. As your company grows, your firm will start subcontracting overflow ad specialty work, which will allow you more time for sales calls.

When you reach the point where you have a few subcontractors and consistent work, you will realize the money you are spending on subcontractors could fund someone new on payroll.

The Main Point About IT Support

You need to realize that some competitors will be great at both sale and technical tasks right away. Think about this fact as you start to grow your IT support business.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg