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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bundled Hardware and PC Purchases: Two Things That Make Sense Together

You can save clients’ money on PC purchases by getting hardware parts factory-installed. If you make CD-RW drives and network cards part of the initial purchase costs, while you might seem to be initially taking away service revenue from your firm, you are actually planning for the future.

Think Bigger and Better

Computer consultants thinking ahead to the changing marketplace should always be thinking about their next opportunity as solution providers. If you are truly thinking ahead, PC purchases that include a $49 component will not be a big deal, because you should be looking ahead to bigger projects like $10,000 network upgrades or $25,000 projects.

PC vendors will make very little additionally on hardware components that are part of PC purchases. Bundled hardware items make more sense for clients’ tight budgets and makes you available to think about offering sophisticated computer consulting services.

Personal Service for Clients

Giving up revenue by suggesting bundled hardware sends an important message to clients – you are willing to do what is right for them even if you miss out on some billable hours. Clients will trust you and remain loyal if they think you have their best interest in mind with all the solutions you provide.

Because clients are thinking, intelligent small business owners just like you, they will appreciate and reward integrity when you suggest bundled PC purchases, which will in turn give great advertising for your company.

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