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Sunday, June 24, 2007

IT Spending and Handling Your Clients' Hardware Budgets

Perhaps you are working with clients that have had such great financial results recently that they are ready to change their IT spending habits. Perhaps now is the time for you to help them make technology investments, most particularly PC hardware purchases.

Influence Your Clients’ IT Spending Habits

As an outsourced IT department, you should encourage clients to use surplus funds for IT spending or some other technology-related item, such as end user or administrator training that can help them best use PC hardware, software or networking items. Training can help companies improve productivity.

You Can Train Your Clients

Your firm can offer clients’ formal or informal one-on-one training. By taking over training, you are earning easy money and helping your clients remain consistent with what they learn and implement. If you are involved in every step of the process of IT for your clients, you avoid the risk of them using outside resources and opening themselves up to conflicting advice and information or poaching by competing consultants.

Client Connection Speeds

Your clients might also consider using IT spending to upgrade Internet access speeds in order to improve performance. How your clients use their IT spending is a personal decision, but you can encourage them to think about the future and recommend they break tradition in favor of satisfying long-term business goals.

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