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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IT Consultants Should Recommend Buying Video Monitors with PCs

Even though PCs and monitors have no compatibility problems, IT consultants should recommend buying video monitors alongside PCs because of the deals many vendors offer when these items are purchased simultaneously.

What Are IT Consultants and Their Clients Actually Spending?

IT consultants should always price PCs both with and without monitors to find out actual costs to clients and themselves. Then they can look to see if there is on-site warranty coverage with PCs. Basically, if a client’s monitor has to be replaced during the on-site warranty period, the PC vendor will arrange to ship a replacement monitor.

What Are the Benefits of Warranties?

Warranties provide some attractive benefits that IT consultants can stress to their clients:

1. You don’t have to store and retain packing materials, which means you don’t have to worry about saving original boxes or buying return shipping supplies.

2. You save time with freight logistics. Clients of IT consultants don’t have to find a shipping center because the PC vendor will include shipping labels for a specific freight carrier.

3. Clients of IT consultants save money on freight costs. If the PC vendor supplies the labels, clients don’t have to pay for return freight. This can save at least $25, if not more.

The third bullet point affects your IT consultants’ clients’ out-of-pocket costs, but the others can save time on labor-intensive chores.

Buying a monitor under warranty as part of a package deal with a PC can save IT consultants and their clients time and money.

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