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Sunday, August 19, 2007

IT Sales: You Need to Sell Your Expertise

If you want to achieve IT sales, you need to start selling your expertise and stop focusing on products.

Add Value with IT Sales

Plain products by themselves will not make your computer consulting business successful. When you sell commodities rather than your expertise with IT sales, you end up in pricing wars and unable to bundle in your real solutions.

You need to think about where you can add value and sell services. You need to stop getting customers and start looking for long-term clients willing to enter into an agreement with you as an outsourced IT department. When you offer low, low prices in a specialized niche, you can’t be respected and trusted or get really good IT sales.

Your Expertise Will Make You Stand Out

Hundreds of area consultants can do general work, but you are a specialist and know the industry better than they know it. There are most likely only a couple people in your area capable of doing what you do, and you will be less likely to come across price-sensitive buyers as a result.

Your Experience Means You Get Higher Rates

When you don’t have to worry about competing with price, you can add to your margins. Your clients will know they have to pay more for your expertise and specific solutions.

The Bottom Line about IT Sales

Whenever you are creating promotional messages about your company, think about selling your expertise and not your preferred brands or products.

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