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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

IT Sales: Are You Offering Something Special?

When thinking about IT sales, you have to figure out which benefits you can offer clients that will set you apart from the competition.

An Example of Benefits-Focused Sales

As an example, say you are a consulting company that moved into a new location in a 27-story building that has high-end firms. There are a lot of other buildings within a two-minute walk that fit the same description. Is this something you can use to your advantage with IT sales? In truth, yes. Your consulting firm could take over that whole neighborhood if you can get things done better, faster and cheaper than those that are not right in the vicinity.

What is Your Unique Benefit?

You can sell service agreements as part of IT sales that have a response time guarantee attached. Because you are right where your clients are, you can make big promises and be on site within 60 minutes of an emergency during regular business hours. Offer benefits like $100 off a bill if you are a minute late.

If you have enough clients in your immediate vicinity and your staff is there as well, you are working in an area resembling a corporate campus and will have no travel time. Your staff utilization rates will go way up.

How Do You Find Your Target Businesses?

If you are in a situation like the one above, you can do a survey to find out about local businesses. Mail something to every owner or CEO in the building and in neighboring buildings and even offer something for free – like a dozen bagels or something comparable – if they return the survey.

The IT Sales Survey

Your survey should ask basic questions such as, “How many PCs do you have?” and “How many employees do you have?” Also ask prospects they get their IT support currently and what their biggest business problems are. Surveys get people to tell you what they want and insure interest in what you have to offer.

IT Sales: Get to Know People That Know Everyone

You should establish a friendly relationship with the local shoe repairperson, delivery people mail carriers, UPS and FedEx drivers and anyone else that regularly interacts with you targets. They often will be able to lead you to the person you need to call about IT sales.

The Main Idea about IT Sales

If you want to sell based on a guarantee and your proximity to local businesses, you have to brand your whole business based on those concepts.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg