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Sunday, August 12, 2007

IT Sales: Sell Knowledge and Not Commodities

When you are trying to get to IT sales and are marketing to strangers, you have to focus on selling your knowledge if you want to succeed. You are not selling products; you’re selling you and everything you have to offer as a total IT solution to your clients.

Where Can You Add Value?

You need to stop selling products and start selling your company’s value. This means not trying to achieve IT sales with people that just want to treat you like a commodity.

You can’t compete on price when you are unable to bundle in services that add value. The only way to grow your company is to get IT sales of services and change your marketing strategy so it is about getting long-term clients rather than customers. You need to sell yourself at competitive rates in order to get people to pay attention and achieve IT sales.

Your Expertise is Important

There are probably hundreds of people in your area capable of doing easy IT tasks, but you need to provide specialized services and prove you know this industry better than all the others. There are only a few other people that can offer the same things you do in your region, so you need to make this clear to prospects to get IT sales and get rid of price sensitivity.

Your Experience and Niche Means Higher Rates

As soon as you stop dealing with price-sensitive buyers, you can add some to your prices. B2B clients will expect to pay more for your specific expertise and will know you can best help their businesses. Every marketing and advertising message you put out should sell You, Inc. and not your brands. This is the only focus to have if you want IT sales.

Submitted By: Computer Consulting Kit