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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

IT Sales: Get Your Foot in the Door

To be successful at IT sales calls, you need to get in touch with the right people within small businesses. So how do you get past the gatekeeper and talk to the decision maker?

Cold IT Sales Calls

If the gatekeeper just takes your name and number and declares disinterest, how do you get through? This will almost always be the situation when you make cold calls, so your best bet is to get a new strategy. If you have to make cold IT sales calls, there are some tactics that will give you a better chance of getting through.

Tips for Getting Through

1. Call before or after the gatekeeper leaves (which typically means before nine and after five, before eight and after six or before eight and after four).

2. Send an e-mail.

3. Send a fax.

4. Send a letter.

5. Mail a postcard.

6. Send a Fed-Ex parcel marked “personal confidential.”

A lot of these strategies will not be new to most businesses, so you still will probably get some resistance.

A Better Way for IT Sales

Your best bet for getting your foot in the door with small businesses is making the decision makers part of your community. Get to know local accountants and deeply-niched solution providers, speak at events, hold seminars, volunteer and really create a network for your company.

The Main Idea: Get Your Foot in the Door!

You need to establish a good reputation in your local area for the work you do. You will not get people to pay you until they know, like and trust you, and tricking a gatekeeper will not build trust.

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