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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

IT Sales: Don't Give Yourself Away for Free

You can’t let IT sales turn into a free consultation. But how do you get to actually selling? You aren’t going to do it by proving your intelligence or your technical expertise. The point of an initial IT sales call is to gauge the chemistry between you and a prospect and figure out how to suggest moving to the next step.

Can You Work with a Prospect?

Ask yourself during an initial IT sales call if you are on the same page with your prospect. Does the prospect look like other clients with which you have had success? You should have already asked important questions about size and platform. Now you are just examining the rest of the situation.

You should definitely spend an hour learning about your prospect’s needs and giving away a little bit of free advice. But you need to end the “free” at some point and move the prospect towards a conversation about IT sales.

Do You Want to Be Poor?

If you are free, you will be poor. You’re not going to get any profit and small businesses will get in the habit of just expecting free advice that never ends up with IT sales.

What’s Your Service Offering?

Stop giving away free advice and instead determine your client’s critical needs before the IT sales call. Think about how you can solve problems and be ready to offer an IT audit or some other fixed-price service.

If during an IT sales call you think you are looking at an opportunity of $50,000 or $100,000 in services and not just a product sale or something with margins, you know you can afford to give away more than an hour of advice. But do your research before any IT sales call.

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