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Sunday, September 16, 2007

IT Audits and What Clients Seek

When performing IT audits for clients, you want to figure out how to solve problems. You need to determine which problems they have and how your solutions can help. What types of questions will your clients want answered during IT audits?

Use Questions to Get to Needs Analysis

You need to know what potential clients seek. During IT audits, they will typically ask what they should buy in terms of platforms and value. These questions can be answered with a needs analysis within IT audits. You go and assess their systems and spend a few hours looking at their assets.

Prospects will want to know which products will work together. Anyone can buy a lot of products at a store, but making them all work in conjunction with each other requires integration and customization and project management that only you as an IT specialist can offer.

Which Other Services Might Clients Want?

Customers may ask for formal and informal training during the IT audits, including both end-user training and administrator training.

They will probably also want you to handle routine and scheduled upgrades and coordinate with outside vendors for a specific industry package installation. They will also rely on you to provide them with network installation and on-going maintenance.

One Point of Contact

Your customers want a single point of contact and will want to know you can provide it during IT audits. They want to trust their tech advisor just as they trust their accountants and attorneys. IT audits can help you establish your role and figure out how customers can fit into your business as well.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg