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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Designing an IT Support Contract Package

When you decide you want to offer support contracts, you have to think about how they will be packaged. Will you make them fixed price, retainer based or based in pre-paid blocks of time?

Fixed-price support contracts can get sticky because you have to plan what people will need and want. Not even the best small business computer consultants typically have the ability to make these types of predictions.

Things to Think about When Designing Your IT Support Contract Package

How will you package your support contract program? You need to figure this out before you go on a sales call and offer an IT support contract to clients and customers.

1. What tangible benefits will you offer?

2. What incentives will you provide to get clients to sign without question?

Benefits of IT Support Contracts

Response time – whether for on-site service, phone or remote support – is going to be a really important benefit to a support contract. Proactive maintenance – remote and VPNing in or dialing in to check logs from time to time – is another benefit you can offer.

Providing an hourly discount is yet another benefit that gets most customers to sign. Waiving premiums for after-hour service or emergency service as part of support contract benefits is also a really big benefit to throw out there that can get you a support contract client.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg