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Sunday, September 30, 2007

IT Audits: Take Advantage of Current Events

While worms and viruses are devastating to prospects, customers and clients in terms of IT audits and their businesses, they can be great for your marketing. When you hear of them being mentioned in the news, those businesses you are targeting are probably going to be feeling the pain or the urgency.

Current events like the mention of viruses and others can increase small business’ understanding of their need for power protection and scheduled shutdowns or backup generators. And the security implications of worms are great too, giving you a great chance for IT audits.

What’s Your Marketing Plan with IT Audits?

You should propose a fixed-price IT audits concept you can really offer to clients. Go into your meeting with an inventory checklist and discuss security, virus protection, licensing issues, update status and all the details about their tape drive and storage systems.

Most small businesses have a lot of clean up to do when you are just going to them with IT audits. Typically they will think they are more protected than in reality.

Data Backups

In the process of asking prospects about data backup systems as part of IT audits, you may get either a blank stare or lip service. Their data backup systems will rarely be kept in line without a good tech provider, so keep this fact in mind.

The Main Idea about IT Audits

There are some really big chances with current events to figure out prospects’ weaknesses. With IT audits, put together a very organized plan for a solution.

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