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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Starting a Computer Consulting Business and Learning About Relationships and Benefits

When starting a computer consulting business, you can’t just expect to make sales right away without first establishing relationships. You’re also going to have to really show the benefits of your services if you want to succeed.

Starting a Computer Consulting Business: What’s Your Benefit?

Your prospect may have an IT-related issue that you can’t handle. Instead of dwelling on this, you need to focus on the problems they have that you know you can solve and things that will get them to really take notice.

What’s Your Pitch?

When you’re starting a computer consulting business, you need to talk about what you have done in the past with other customers and the tangible benefits they’ve received from your services.

The Relationship Needs to Evolve

Once again, you can’t just expect to have a “serious” relationship right away with a prospect when starting a computer consulting business. Be prepared to spend a couple weeks or months to really get a firm commitment. Patience and persistence are key (without being obnoxious!).

Are There Additional Questions?

Prospects might have more questions or issues that crop up while you are developing your relationship. They may be saying, “Great idea! I’ll get back to you …” and this is NOT the end of the conversation. You need to give them a great reason to do the work TODAY, which means asking lots of questions to assess the situation:

1. How important is the project?

2. When do you want to start?

3. How important is this project?

4. Where are you in the decision process?

5. Have you done research?

6. Is this a good time of year for this type of work to be done?

7. Is there a budget for this work?

When starting your computer consulting business, don’t let the conversation with prospects end if you want to make a sale!

Added By: Joshua Feinberg