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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Good Contract for Maintenance is about Practice

After you have the idea to start a contract for maintenance of your clients’ computer systems and put all your clients in it, you may have some questions. Are you afraid you won’t be able to deliver all you promise?

A Contract for Maintenance: Experience

You want to start off offering and selling services and proceed slowly until you gain enough confidence to go further. You won’t get real confidence through training, reading a report or preparing a template. You need to actually start selling one contract for maintenance after another and doing the work.

You should start with small accounts and work your way up to larger accounts. If a larger account falls into your lap, don’t turn it away automatically if you aren’t to that point yet. But just make sure to start with accounts that are small enough for you to manage efficiently in the beginning.

Prepare in Advance

When you don’t manage the sales process and take a prospect through it from sales call to IT audit, you will not be successful at selling a contract for maintenance. You need to have a concrete plan and a clear end goal. Otherwise, you will find yourself handling only emergencies and not developing any long-term relationships. A good contract for maintenance will connect you with your clients like a marriage.

Do You Want a Profitable Business?

You can’t really succeed all the way in IT services if you just wait for customers to come to you or just do a few hours here and there. When you establish a good contract for maintenance, you will find clients that need long-term relationships with you, oversight and the security that only an outsourced IT department can provide.

The Main Idea about a Good Contract for Maintenance

Without a clearly laid-out contract for maintenance, you will always be wondering when and if you will get a call from customers and whether or not they will enter into long-term relationships. A well-crafted contract for maintenance guarantees a long-term relationship that will sustain your business.

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