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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Don't Just Engage in Partnering with Other Computer Consultants

When looking for partnering relationships, you shouldn’t just seek out other technicians. Many not involved in the IT business – management consultants, etc. – will be able to refer a lot of business to clients.

Accountants and Partnering

Accountants can refer you to small businesses that can be excellent clients because they are already trusted by most small businesses like attorneys, management consultants and advertising consultants.

Accountants probably do a lot of QuickBooks installs because of their job and might be getting some questions from customers about how to back up and protect their systems. Accountants won’t want to be involved in this process and can refer clients to you for a partnering situation.

With Partnering, You Become More Valuable

You can use your partnering relationships to put you ahead of other larger companies when it comes to support and services. You want to move up the value chain and provide services that will be hard to beat, particularly for companies like Dell and others that are often based on commodities. Partnering can help you enhance your personality, communication skills and ability to manage great relationships.

You Have Many Partnering Options

There are a lot of ways to take advantage of partnering – partnering with professionals like accountants and attorneys or with ISPs and other companies. You will help build your business if you explore many different partnering options.

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