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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Basic Computer Consulting Tips

If you want your computer consulting business to succeed, you need to offer a sophisticated and total business solution. You have to have a good support contract agreement in place and an IT audit checklist. You also will need partnering agreements and the ability to take your prospects through the sales process until they become long-term clients.

Support Contracts

If you don’t suggest computer consulting support contract agreements to customers, they are not going to ask for them. You need to set a precedent for how you work with other clients; you build mutually beneficial relationships and become your clients’ outsourced computer department.

Get to Paid Services

You need to take prospects from “free” to “fee.” You shouldn’t spend hours on a proposal, because a computer consulting proposal has no value and makes you a commodity. You want prospects, customers and clients to make an investment in your firm.

Take it Step by Step

You should pick one goal per week for the next several weeks and just start working. Maybe you want to come up with a few marketing ideas or a support contract structure that you can start marketing to your clients.

Regardless of what you choose as a focus for the week, you need to start planning and building a network. Get everything ready so you are ready to go when you need to be. Your goal shouldn’t be to reach everyone; you need to define your targets and figure out how to reach a specific group.

You Are an Outsourced IT Department

You need to think about five or six different functions that small businesses need and build your computer consulting business around these functions. When you think of growing your business in these terms, you start to build the foundation for an outsourced IT department. You give your client a single point of contact for all their computer consulting needs.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg