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Sunday, October 28, 2007

IT Marketing: A Little Bit about Your Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch is an important part of your IT marketing assets. Basically, the elevator pitch is a 10 – 20-second introduction to you and your company that you use whenever you encounter a prospect at an event.

What should go into your IT marketing elevator pitch? It should talk about what your company does, what makes you unique and why the prospect might want to consider working with you.

Your IT Marketing Elevator Pitch: A Definition

The concept of the elevator pitch comes from the following situation:

You get into an elevator with someone on the 20th floor of a building and have until you get to the ground floor to talk about you and your company. Your pitch should go quickly enough so that in this situation, the person you are talking to would also have time to give YOU an elevator pitch. It needs to be very reflexive and ready-to-go whenever appropriate.

You Need to Practice Your Elevator Pitch

You should write your IT marketing elevator pitch out on an index card that you keep in your pocket. You can look through it when you’re in traffic or before you’re going into IT sales calls. You need to be comfortable delivering it.

When you start to go out and get involved in expos and seminars or at Chamber events, you will probably be tired of using your elevator pitch. But you have to practice being enthusiastic about it every time you give it as part of your IT marketing activities.

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