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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

IT Marketing and Mail to Your Current Customers

Starting a fresh IT marketing campaign can start with a mailing to your current customers.

Mail to Those That Know You

When you engage in IT marketing efforts to your current customers, you already own the list. And the recipients of the mailing will already know, like and trust you, so you will have overcome one of the biggest IT marketing obstacles.

What’s Your Customer Pitch?

If you already feel good talking to small business owners about important technology aspects such as virus protection, firewalls, passwords, data backup and power protection, then you are well on your way to successful IT marketing of IT audits and data protection.

You can present a very discounted audit deal to sweeten your IT marketing efforts towards your customers. If it’s regularly $400, for example, offer it for $299 through a set date. You can also include little extras such as an entry-level battery backup unit or surge protector. Make sure it’s something of value.

IT Marketing Means Tracking Results

Make sure you analyze the responses you get from any IT marketing mailings. So, if you get five percent inquiries and half end up taking the audit, you can compare this to other lists and mailings (from non-customers and customers alike). Of course, you’ll usually have a more interested audience when you are mailing to your current customers than you will for any other IT marketing campaigns.

Customers Can Use What They Have

You should explore your current customer relationships to figure out how people you work with can more efficiently use what they already have. You will probably find that customers have things that have been purchased but never used. Or if these items are being used, they are not being used to their fullest.

Solidify Your Relationships through IT Marketing

IT marketing mailings to existing customers are a great chance to help you improve your relationships. You can show customers how to better use what they already own while getting more service revenue. You also increase loyalty and the strength of relationships that are vital to the future of your business.

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