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Sunday, December 16, 2007

IT Consultants: Your Relationship with Desktops, Notebooks and PDAs

Are you one of the many IT consultants that is nervous about selling low-margin desktop PCs, notebooks or PDAs? If so, you might be missing something. How can you profit from your clients’ needs for full-service desktop, notebook and PDA support?

IT Consultants Are Technology Influencers

Smart PC hardware selection can make installation, support, troubleshooting and upgrading work easier, which means if you select the right PCs and peripherals for clients, you can help keep both you AND your clients happy. Choosing wrong PC hardware means being blamed for IT-related problems and getting on your clients’ bad side, which can’t be good for your bottom line.

Technology Advances

Despite many advances in technology in the past few years, notebooks, desktops and servers continue to be the top sellers in the hardware universe. Both Palm and Microsoft have created competing handhelds, but IT consultants still continue to see many more desktops, laptops and servers.

IT Consultants Can Profit from Hardware Sales

IT consultants are their clients’ main technology influencers. They recommend what to buy, which presents a huge business opportunity in terms of desktops, notebooks and PDAs.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg