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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

PC Troubleshooting: When in Doubt, Reboot!

Most small businesses would do well finding a good local computer consulting company to handle complex PC troubleshooting and other IT issues. However, a lot of computer problems are easy enough to fix for anyone, even with no technical background.

The thing to remember is – when faced with the need for PC troubleshooting, always reboot first.

This advice may sound simple, but a lot of people don’t think of rebooting when panicked with the need for PC troubleshooting. Whenever you are thinking about calling your professional computer consultant, always try a simple reboot before picking up the phone.

The PC Troubleshooting Reboot Process

1. Exit out of all files and programs.

2. Run a standard Shutdown/Restart sequence to reboot your computer.

If you think your computer problem may be related to hardware – a network card, modem, mouse, keyboard or sound card – go one step further with PC troubleshooting:

1. Go to your Start menu.

2. Shutdown your PC.

3. Turn the power off for a minute or so, if your computer did not power itself off by itself.

4. Turn your PC back on and see if the problem resolved itself.

The Main Idea about PC Troubleshooting

While rebooting a PC may seem like an obvious solution to computer problems, about 10-20% of the time it will fix what is wrong.

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