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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Virtual IT: What is It?

Do you run a computer consulting company, and have you been hearing about the term “virtual IT,” but don’t quite know what it is? Most computer consulting companies don’t understand the concept of virtual IT, so you’re not alone!

Why Do Companies Get Virtual IT Wrong?

Most computer consulting business owners make work too hard because they get wrapped up in technology and put their small business clients in second place.

If you don’t focus on your clients, you are getting virtual IT ALL wrong and will guarantee that your computer consulting company is known as clueless. You need to know that recruiting and retaining small business clients is your first priority, and that keeping up with technology should never be put first in the mission of your company. Don’t let hardware, operating systems or applications woo you; instead love business opportunities and how you solve your clients’ biggest business issues with your sophisticated solutions.

Computer Consulting Should Mix with Virtual IT

In order to understand a successful computer consulting company, you need to know about virtual IT. Virtual IT lets your company be an integral part of your small business clients’ companies. You become an outsourced IT department, and your role will be like that of a CIO, CTO or IT manager.

Like any good IT department, your virtual IT business will need to set up complete solutions that include help desk, desktop support, network administration, engineering, security, training, procurement, asset management and anything else you can think of. The goal is to provide a complete virtual IT solution that will deliver on time and under or at budget for your clients.

The Main Virtual IT Concept

Most computer consulting companies don’t understand how to truly set up a virtual IT plan. Make sure to focus on clients – don’t just fall in love with technology – and provide complete solutions for your important accounts.

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