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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Which Computer Skills Does Your Staff Need?

If you don’t have really advanced computer skills, you needn’t worry. You just need to devote some time each week to studying. Which computer skills do you need to best serve your clients?

Break Something That Works

You can get a not-for-resale copy of a product you intend to sell, install and support and work with it in your lab. If a member of your staff has a spare half-hour or an hour, walk through the basic installations, then break them and reinstall the software until you increase your comfort level. Most of the products are mature enough that they will not require you to have a lot of technical skills.

Easy Installations

Many years ago, products were more difficult to install. But companies such as Microsoft have now made their products a lot easier for those that do not have advanced computer skills.

Which Computer Skills Do You Need?

1. Good and strong PC hardware skills.

2. Familiarity with a P2P setup.

3. Knowledge of TCP/IP.

4. Comfort with POP3 and SMTP.

5. An awareness of how to work with basic SOHO routers.

If your staff has these computer skills, you are at a good starting point for working with small businesses.

Knowledge Sharing

You need to make sure you cross-train your employees and vice-versa. This way no one gets ahead of anyone else and is tempted to blackmail, extract huge raises or bonuses or walk away with the entire client roster, or go to the next competitor.

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