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Saturday, January 12, 2008

IT Marketing and Public Speaking Events

You can use public speaking events to help with your IT marketing efforts and connect to prospects.

Speaking at the Meetings of Other Groups

When you use other people’s meetings as IT marketing opportunities and speak you get a captive audience. The people there are already at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast or a Rotary Club meeting, and someone else has already sparked their interest and drawn them to the meeting. Your job is to show up and be a compelling featured speaker.

IT Marketing: Speak to Your Audience

You want to talk about a topic that is universal and general enough to appeal to business people. Don’t use IT marketing speak and keep it low-tech, even if the speech is about technology issues (and it should relate in some way).

Make sure the business organizations you choose for furthering IT marketing have similar characteristics to those within your sweet spot. Talk to an executive director or manager to find out before you connect!

Use Free Seminars

You can also get your name out by doing a free seminar on how to protect computer systems from viruses, security breaches and blackouts or some other important topic.

Seminars can be challenging to deliver and execute. Make sure you feel comfortable with the delivery and if possible share the seminar with another speaker within your company to split it up and make it more interesting and varied for attendees. Don’t make the IT marketing seminar longer than 45 minutes.

Get People to Attend Your IT Marketing Seminars

You can generate demand and the RSVPs for free seminars by doing a direct mail piece to a targeted list or a Chamber of Commerce or other organizational list. An effective and low-cost way to mail them is by combining them with a Chamber of Commerce mailing and putting in a flyer when it goes out. This way of spreading the word and generating demand can be a really great IT marketing technique.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg