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Sunday, January 20, 2008

LAN Service Contracts Offer Opportunities

If you have sufficiently researched computer consulting and LAN service contracts, you probably have serious information overload. You need to follow specific steps when starting your own computer consulting company.

What are the steps you need to follow for starting with LAN service contracts and your own company?

Select Your Date

You need to pick a real launch date for your business and write it down in very specific terms. This process gives you a chance to work towards something concrete. Put it on your calendar and keep it as a real goal, whether it is six months or six weeks from this very moment.

Set Your LAN Service Contracts Business Priorities

You need to limit the list of things to do to the top 10 most important.

Sample Top Ten Priorities List

1. Get an accountant meeting

2. Obtain your business resale license

3. Open a distributor account

4. Choose your company name

5. Get your business card designed and printed

6. Get your Web site domain name registered

7. Shop insurance options

8. Get your Web site domain

9. Get your business voicemail set up

Keep in mind, there could be 30, 40 or 50 items on your list. You need to narrow the list down to the ten most important.

Organize Your List

Before you do anything with your LAN services contracts business, you need to rank your to-do list into an organized list of items that makes sense. Work on two items per week. If you like to analyze and work on screen, you can do this exercise in Excel or Word. Of course, you also need to get them into a list of the top 10 to prioritize.

Your Timeline is Critical

If you are launching your LAN service contracts business in five weeks and you have ten things to do, choose two things per week. This list will be more doable when you set up a very specific time frame.

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