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Saturday, April 26, 2008

IT Marketing: Do You Know the Decision Makers?

If you want to really grow your computer consulting business, you need to get out and do some IT marketing in the community through networking. You need to meet other people that are decision makers for small businesses.

If you’re targeting the small business owner and manager, you will meet a lot of branch managers from banks (just as an example) … but these won’t really be the decision makers you want to target. You might also meet executive directors from non-profit organizations, but they will not have very much money to spend on IT services. You might also meet people that work for Fortune 1,000 companies with branch offices in your area, but again … these won’t fit your needs.

You need to target the right decision maker with your IT marketing efforts to get the most out of the trade groups and organizations in which you participate.

IT Marketing and Partner Programs

If you want to increase your community presence, join a partner or reseller program. You can join the Microsoft Certified Partner Program, for example. But if you do, you need to be proactive, particularly as a small firm.

Find out who your local field representative is and shake hands, exchange business cards, etc. Make a connection with your field rep. by checking in regularly, sending emails every couple weeks and giving them updates. You should feel free to ask the person questions and brainstorm. Get together for coffee a couple times per year to talk to them about industry and market trends and opportunities as part of your IT marketing efforts.

IT Marketing and the Real Problems

Ask your field rep. if there are any big problems right now that are going around. Does your rep know of any ways you can help with these problems? Or are there any people that belong to channel programs that might like to partner with you? Take full advantage of relationships with local channel representatives to help you find opportunities within your community and develop a truly targeted IT marketing plan.

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