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Sunday, April 20, 2008

IT Sales and Your Unique Offering

You need to offer unique benefits to your prospects, customers and clients if you want to be good at IT sales.

Proximity and IT Sales

As an example, say ABC Consulting moved to a 27-story building stocked with high-end firms and near many other buildings that are all within a two-minute walk. In this case, the obvious unique benefit would be proximity. This company would be able to respond quickly and get things done better, faster and cheaper than others that are farther away.

Your Unique Benefit and IT Sales

You need to sell service agreements and lead with a guaranteed response time if you have the proximity benefit. You can afford to make a promise to be there within 60 minutes of a server down emergency during regular business hours and even offer something like $100 off the bill for the month if you are even a minute late. You can do this because you have no travel time and no reason NOT to be there.

How Would You Find These Businesses?

If you are in the situation like ABC Consulting, you need to identify local businesses. Do a survey that you mail to every owner or CEO in the building and in neighboring buildings. You can also offer a “bribe” of a gift certificate or something of value to get them to return the survey promptly.

Survey Questions to Help with IT Sales

1. How many PCs do you have?

2. How many employees?

3. How do you currently get IT support?

4. What do you dislike and like about your current support?

5. What is your biggest business challenge?

6. What is your biggest IT challenge?

You need to use the survey to get people to tell you what they want and also get an idea of who will be interested in your services and responsive to IT sales.

IT Sales and the People that Know People

You should make nice with the local shoe repair person, the Chinese or pizza delivery person, the mail carrier, UPS person and FedEx driver. If you know everyone, you will be able to easily network yourself into local offices through the people that see people every day. Your contacts will already be in touch with the people in charge.

Stress your unique benefit as an IT company to get more IT sales.

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