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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Computer Consulting Kit Cash Flow Templates

Do you want to improve your company’s cash flow? The Computer Consulting Kit offers resources for IT professionals that want to get even their most difficult clients to pay on time so they can better manage their own needs and stay in business long term.

Learn how to establish and manage effective credit and collections and truly control your cash flow with Computer Consulting Kit templates that can help you avoid cash flow problems and get more steady cash flow.

Cash flow templates from the Computer Consulting Kit help with these issues:

1. Learn why profit and cash are not the same thing … and why if you confuse them you risk your whole business!

2. Discover how you can be sure your growing client list doesn’t eat up your time and cash and wipe out your business.

3. Find out what the biggest cash flow mistake is for computer consulting business owners and how you can avoid it.

4. Figure out secrets to improving profit margins on sales of hardware, software, etc.

If you want cash flow secrets and many more templates from the Computer Consulting Kit, visit the attached link!

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