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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

IT Sales: Overcome Sales Objections with Audio Training from the Computer Consulting Kit

At the Computer Consulting Kit, we often get questions from IT consultants about how they can overcome those “but”’s they get from prospects during the process of IT sales that can lead to “No”’s if left unanswered.

If you are like most computer consultants, you may come across some IT sales objections from your prospects … and you might not quite know what to do to help overcome them. With audio training that specifically addresses these objections from the Computer Consulting Kit, you can learn about the FIVE most common small business IT sales objections and a systematic, controlled way to easily overcome each hurdle as it appears.

This audio MP3 training program is easy to listen to during any down time, whether while driving to another client, at the gym or anywhere else. You’ll discover simple, POWERFUL and most importantly PROVEN ways to help you overcome the common “but’”s that prospects deliver. You will also learn more about WHAT a sales objection is, how it fits into the big picture of IT sales and why so many computer consultants fail before they even step in the door.

To learn more about some common IT sales objections – and the audio training program that can help you – please visit the link!

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