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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Computer Consultants Speak: Case Study MP3’s from People Just Like You

Do you ever wonder how much more you could learn if you could just call up a few competing computer consultants in your own town and pick their brains for an hour, asking them anything and everything about what it takes to succeed in the business?

Unfortunately, you can’t really do that. As you probably have discovered, computer consultants aren’t (and shouldn’t be) that forthcoming about their biggest business secrets, especially not when it comes to their direct competitors.

But now, the Computer Consulting Kit gives you just that opportunity by providing you with THREE recorded case study interviews from computer consultants just like you in different geographic regions throughout the world. All of them have different levels of experience and come from very different occupational backgrounds. So you get not only the perspective of the experts at the Computer Consulting Kit but also some insider tips from three other successful small business computer consultants.

To learn more about what these computer consultants have to say along with how you can get access to this audio resource and many more, visit the attached link!

Added By: Joshua Feinberg