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Thursday, September 04, 2008

IT Audits: A Template for Your Summary of Findings Report

When you work as a computer consultant for small businesses, IT audits are a very important gateway to selling long-term support contract agreements to your customers. And it is your CLIENTS on support contracts that give you predictable, on-going revenue for your business and help you provide services that keep both you and your clients happy.

Having strong templates in place for your IT audits and tasks BEYOND them can help you more efficiently run your business. The Computer Consulting Kit offers many templates to help you conduct successful IT audits, including a template for your Summary of Findings Report.

This template for your IT audits process helps you quickly and easily package your IT audit into a sophisticated, long-term solution with very high perceived value. What does this IT audits template do?

1. Helps you organize your deliverable so you can set the stage for selling additional consulting work that stays consistent with your initial findings and recommendations.

2. Provides the framework for turning endless free questions into tangible, BILLABLE IT audits and long-term technology projects.

To learn more about templates for IT audits and other important components of your computer consulting business, visit the attached link.

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