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Friday, December 30, 2005

Joshua Feinberg Computer Consulting 101 Tips

Trying to get your hands on more Joshua Feinberg, Computer Consulting 101 business secrets?

Here’s a list of some of Joshua’s most widely circulated tips and hints on growing a computer consulting business:

  • Computer Consulting and Virtual IT: Most computer consulting companies are making a huge mistake when it comes to their small business engagements, because these computer consulting business owners fall-in-love with the technology, at the expense of the business opportunities. In order for your computer consulting company to flourish, make sure that you understand the concept of virtual IT and build virtual IT into every major business decision for your computer consulting company.
  • Computer Consulting Profit Secrets: In this article, we'll look at 7 profit secrets and strategies you can use in your computer consulting business, to ensure that you are able to balance your clients’ small business IT needs against your own computer consulting company’s profitability challenges.
  • How a Computer Consulting Business Can Help Your Company: While many small companies only call in a local computer consulting business when something computer-related breaks, there's a lot to be gained by forging a proactive, long-term relationship with a local computer consulting business in your area.
  • How to Become a Computer Consultant: The decision to become a computer consultant is not one that should be made lightly. However, for hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs around the globe, the decision to become a computer consultant can be a great business opportunity.
  • IT Marketing: Ways to Grow Awareness of Your Company: IT Marketing involves letting potential customers know what their problems are and how you can fix them. Holding seminars and offering white papers are great ways to perform IT marketing.
  • Overcoming Small Business Networks Sales Objections: Learn how you can overcome the most common sales objections heard when selling networks to small business prospects, customers, and clients.
  • Small Business Computer Consulting Freeloaders... and How to Avoid Them: Own a small business computer consulting company? Ever run across freeloaders that essentially want to steal your small business computer consulting services? This article helps you avoid small business computer consulting freeloaders.
  • Small Business Server Business Tips: Before you go ahead and bet YOUR company on Microsoft Small Business Server, consider the following three Small Business Server Business Tips… so you can maximize your Small Business Server consulting profits.

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