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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Linux Server for Small Business Technology

Many small business technology providers and consultants are already big supporters of Linux servers. But a Linux server for the masses just became closer to reality with the FileEngine System.

Just like its Linux roots, the FileEngine System strips out a lot of extraneous features and applications that aren’t needed for very basic small business technology implementations.

Compared to a traditional Microsoft Small Business Server installation, where the small business client buys a server like a Dell PowerEdge as well as client access licenses, with the FileEngine System you’re actually making a lease payment that includes:


Because FileEngine System runs on a Linux based server, there are no per-seat costs and no need to worry about running short of needed software licenses.

The basic FileEngine System configuration starts at $235/month, based on a 36 month lease.
So if you’ve been waffling back and forth between recommending Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) vs. a Linux server, go check out Lauren Simonds' excellent article (“A Kinder, Gentler Linux Server?”) on the FileEngine System Linux server on the Small Business Computing web site. (link provided above)