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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

You Need to Charge Enough for Your IT Consulting Services

As an IT consulting professional you need to know the connection between hourly billing rates and a decent salary so you can plan to keep your salary and future employee salaries consistent. Many make the mistake of not charging enough from the beginning for IT consulting and end up with problems.

IT Consulting: Services Can’t Be Free

Those new to IT consulting will sometimes give away services for close-to-free rates -- $25 or $30 per hour – because they are identifying the wrong people as competitors. As an IT consultant, you can’t emulate the rates of computer repair technicians or moonlighters or you will never have a viable business.

Your IT Consulting Services are Valuable

What your clients pay your IT consulting firm, your hourly billing rate and being able to offer a competitive salary package for future employees are all intricately related. Even if you have no plans to hire staff, you need to be paid appropriately for the work you do.

IT Consulting: Appropriately Estimate Expenses

If you underestimate expenses and what you should be charging for your services, you will run into trouble. Your billing rates can’t be too low for IT consulting, or you will have a hard time attracting staff that will be best for working with and helping recruit ideal sweet spot clients.

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