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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Using Small Business Server

Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) has gained real momentum in the small business world in the past decade. Because of this, a lot of computer consultants and IT professionals have decided to push Small Business Server as an integral part of solutions for clients.

But before you start to rely on Small Business Server, think about three important tips to help maximize your profits:

1. A lot of small businesses, if not most have never heard of Small Business Server. There may be hundreds or even thousands of small businesses in your area that could benefit from the program, but don’t assume they know what it is! Make sure you pitch solutions and not commodities. Pitch your unique expertise before you start talking about Small Business Server.

2. The money that can be made through Small Business Server is not reselling the product itself. It comes from selling a relationship with small businesses. Stress your existence as an outsourced IT department for your clients. No small business owner will decide he/she NEEDS Small Business Server. So you need to focus on relationships and sell it later.

3. Microsoft is not totally sold on the value of computer consultants. What does this mean? Well, the truth is, the first version of Small Business Server was planned in 1996 to release in 1997 and was code named “SAM” because it was meant to be sold without the help of computer consultants at Sam’s Club warehouse clubs. The product team decided to make the product so simple that any non-technical small business owner could buy Small Business Server at the warehouse and have it running without outside help by day’s end. While this seemed effective, Microsoft eventually realized that reaching small business owners with Small Business Server was better accomplished through resellers. Microsoft is not thinking so much of its consultants when it tries to sell Small Business Server. So you can’t sell the product … you need to focus on the relationships that are integral to your business!

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