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Thursday, May 15, 2008

IT Marketing and the Computer Consulting Kit: The New Client Sales Call

The Computer Consulting Kit Home Study Course offers many templates to help you with IT marketing and sales. One important element of computer consulting is your sales call with a new client.

While you might not think having a template to guide a phone call saves that much time, it has many benefits that can help keep you efficient and consistent with your IT marketing campaign.

Benefits of Using a Template for Your New Client Sales Call

It helps you look professional.

It keeps your sales presentation organized so you don’t accidentally get blind-sided by excessive client questions.

It helps you guide the conversation from free to fee so you can tell when you’re moving into “paid technology assessment” territory.

It creates clear boundaries for your prospects to distinguish between an IT marketing sales call and an actual professional consultation, so you can tell for sure when it’s time for them to start paying for services.

The IT marketing initial sales call template helps maintain a structure so you can stop the call from going on too long.

The Main Idea about the New Client IT Marketing Sales Call Template

Today we talked about how you can benefit from creating a template for your new client sales call. To learn more about how you can use this valuable IT marketing tip, visit the attached link.

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