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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

IT Sales Training to Help Grow Your Business

One of the hardest parts of IT sales is overcoming objections with prospects that can, when not addressed from the get-go be a barrier to continuing, mutually-beneficial relationships. The Computer Consulting Kit offers a special mp3 audio training session devoted specifically to IT sales, including an illustration of the five most common small business IT sales objections and a proven plan of attack for overcoming them.

The strategies presented in the audio training have been tried, tested … and PROVEN to work to show even the most questioning prospects how valuable IT solutions can be to their businesses.

Computer Consulting Kit IT Sales Audio Training Topics

1. What is a sales objection?

2. How do sales objections fit with the entire sales process?

3. Why do a lot of small business computer consultants lose the sale before they even start an IT sales call, and how can you avoid doing the same thing?

4. Which strategies can you use to handle common objections to sales?

5. How do you get prospects to tell you their REAL objections instead of just going on and on about irrelevant subjects?

The Main Idea about IT Sales Audio Training

Today we talked about some of the resources you will find in the Computer Consulting Kit IT sales audio training mp3s. To learn more about how you can get tested and PROVEN IT sales strategies to help get more steady, high-paying clients for your business, visit the attached link!

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