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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The IT Partnerships Planning Template from the Computer Consulting Kit

The Computer Consulting Kit offers many different resources for those interested in IT partnerships, including a very important planning template that can help all small business computer consultants get the most from their relationships. When you work with subcontractors and other partners, sometimes figuring out who needs to do what when it comes to a project is a challenge.

The IT partnerships planning template helps clear up who does what when it comes to large projects, before you even start the projects or even go into the first prospect, customer or client meeting about your overall plan. And, you need to understand responsibility if you want to be consistent, logical and together with your clients and keep all your credibility points!

What does the IT partnerships planning template do for you?

1. Ensures you and your partner are in the same place when it comes to goals, beliefs and approaches. Because, who wants to risk losing a mutually-beneficial partnering relationship that could last many years into the future? And when you work out big business issues in IT partnerships before you start doing projects, you avoid a lot of legal fees and wasted time.

2. The planning template also helps you ask the right questions during the pre-sales process with your mutual prospect, customer or client … because who wants the embarrassment of going into the big meeting with inconsistent ideas?

3. The IT partnerships planning document also helps you mitigate risks by avoiding common problems that can derail most partnerships.

Today we talked about planning IT partnerships with important templates from the Computer Consulting Kit. To learn more about IT partnerships, visit the attached link!

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