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Friday, October 12, 2007

IT Consulting and Appropriately Tracking Your Time and Invoices

When you are working with a new IT consulting business, you need to carefully think about your time tracking and invoicing procedures. If you avoid the common mistakes, your IT consulting company will be in a much better financial position, even when money is tight. Keeping close watch on invoicing and time will also help you get more control over your business.

Time Tracking, Billing, etc.

Time tracking, billing issues and invoicing become real challenges for those involved in IT consulting. Which software should you use for time tracking and billing? Well, if you are just thinking about software, you are probably missing an important point – keeping track of time and billing is beyond the type of software you use.

You should use software that is easy to manage and makes your IT consulting job simpler, but no software will fix any issues you have with organization and management.

Manage Your Services

Your loyal IT consulting clients will see you as an insurance policy. A steady client will pay bills on time if you follow through with your promises. Your policies should make clients afraid that when they forget to pay their invoices on time, they may be forgotten during an emergency. You want to follow systems with time tracking, billing and invoicing that encourage IT consulting clients to behave well and really work well with your business.

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